Black-tailed Nowocherkaski pigeon

Black-tailed Nowocherkaski pigeon

Other names:

niemiecka -North Caucasian Positurtümmler, France – Tumbling Stance of the North Caucasus, English – Caucasian Tumbler,


Russian breed, bred in Nowoczerkasku / Rostov region / at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries on the basis of Black-tailed Poltava pigeons and pulsating Rostov pigeons. It belongs to pigeons volatile – ornamental in the group of pulsating positively (ros.triasun).

General impression:

Pigeon less than medium size (the smaller the better ); with a beautiful structure and shape; shortened body; strongly pulsating; with drooping wings; broad and highly raised tail; on low and feathered legs. A characteristic drawing of the plumage.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Medium size, about high, a rounded forehead and a flat crown, on the back of the head a wide shell-like crown going into a mane at the neck.
Eyes: Little, black.
Brew: Narrow, flesh color, matte.
Beak: Pretty short, blunt, White. Small wax wafers, white powdered.
Neck: The average length, tilted back, pulsating.
Breast: Wide, convex, raised.
Back: Wide, very short, concave.
Wings: Short, carried below the tail, almost touch the ground, loosely fitting.
Tail: Wide, 16-18 wheelhouses, highly raised, wider than the breast, slightly oval ( desired flat ).
The legs: Short, heavily feathered, thick paws 3-7 cm with visible vulture feathers.
Plumage: Short, soft, well-fitting.

Color and drawing:

The whole pigeon is white, only the tail is black. Some pigeons have a black spot ( forehead – piuska ) on the forehead. The white plumage is especially shiny on

wing discs which gives the white feathers the appearance of scales. Black should be saturated, intense, no blue tint.

Big mistakes:

Long figure; narrow chest; long back; pink eyebrow; dark, slim, long beak; little raised, ,strongly peaked tail, unfledged, high legs; bad color cut-off; white tails.

Comments for the evaluation:

Figure shape - posture - head with crown - neck throb - tail - plumage of legs - color - drawing - general appearance.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 10

Edition 2001.