Flying pigeon

Flying pigeon


It was bred by breeders of central Poland at the beginning of the 20th century. For the creation of this breed, common volatile pigeons were used, in herds commonly known as “dark” with blue and black coloration “Negroes” and silvery paws with white tails and crowns. As a result, the described one was created “Volatile blackbird”, it is available in black and blue, is a highly volatile pigeon.

General impression:

A figure of medium build, with tight plumage, on medium-high legs, unfledged or feathered with medium paws. Not much, slightly flattened head with a low forehead. Beak of medium length. Lively disposition, quite skittish, great aviator.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Not too big, moderately narrow with a flattened oval line and a not too high forehead. Head smooth or with a not too profuse crown, placed at the height of the parietal, overlapping to the sides, finished with small rosettes.
Eyes: Set in the middle of the head, pure white iris, small pupil.
Brew: Soft (thin), dark gray with a plum shade.
Beak: The average length, moderately thin, black color, small waxwings, well-fitting, bright, slightly powdered.
Neck: Medium short, quite thin, well cut under the beak, harmoniously widening downwards, passing gently into the chest and shoulders.
Breast: Proportionally wide, rounded, slightly convex and raised.
Back: Moderately wide, slightly rounded, obliquely sloping.
Wings: Well compact, close to the torso, resting on the tail, do not intersect with each other, they are slightly shorter than the tail.
Tail: Compact, simple, raised slightly to the level, medium long, proportional to the size of the pigeon.
The legs: Medium high, jumping and toes bare or heavily feathered, medium-sized, with dense plumage and paws well spread out to the sides, claws clear.
Plumage: Developed, plentiful, well-fitting.

Kinds of colors:

White – black, White – blue.

Color and drawing:

There are two varieties: black and blue. With the black ones, the color is intense, uniformly clean with a metallic sheen. Color is on the head, neck, breast and back. The color border on the chest reaches approx. 2 cm od ud. The rest of the lower abdomen, thighs, wings and tail are white. The drawing line should be clear and even. The colored feathers on the back must not overlap the wing disc. The head is brown and black by the blue ones, with a faint metallic sheen, neck of the same color, but with a strong metallic sheen. Shoulders, the back and the chest are dark gray with a slight tinge of brown, it changes to a lighter shade downwards, gray-blue. The drawing line separating the colors should be clear and even. Barwne pióra na plecach nie mogą zachodzić na tarcze skrzydeł.

Big mistakes:

The head is not proportional to the size of the pigeon, to the group, too broad with a high forehead or clearly lowered downwards. Fat, short, bright beak; too big, pink wax waxes, eye with a different color than in the standard; eyebrow too bright, orange or too wide. Red feathers on the neck of blue ones, too bright blue on the head, neck and back. Color on the back too long, creating an apron on the tail.

Comments for the evaluation:

Shape of the figure - head - beak, about, eyebrow and their color - posture - color - drawing – the structure of the plumage of the legs – general look.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7 (9)

Edition 2001