The Negro Polish pigeon

The Negro Polish pigeon


It was bred in the second half of the 19th century, by the breeders of Kujawy, Lodz, Warsaw and surrounding towns such as Sochaczew, Żyrardów and Grodzisk Mazowiecki, and nowadays they are the most common places in these places.

General impression:

All parts of the body are as long as possible, creating a type of flying pigeon, slender, high, torso oblique but upright posture. It makes a great impression with a beautiful bright eye and an interesting color – gray-brown with a saturation of olive to almost black.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Narrow, long, carried almost horizontally, in profile, the beak and the head form one uninterrupted slightly convex line. Back of the head profile, gently rounded it joins the neckline, When viewed from above, the vault of the head together with the beak forms a widening elongated wedge, without side bends and no concavities at the point where the beak meets the forehead, the back of the head wedge is rounded.
Eyes: Set high, in the back of the skull, pure white iris, small pupil.
Brew: Soft, dark gray with an olive shade.
Beak: Long, moderately thin, black color, wax wax small, well-fitting, not distorting the line of the head profile.
Neck: Long and thin, widening downwards and blending harmoniously with the breast and shoulders, as deep as possible under the beak.
Breast: Moderately narrow, rounded, not protruding to the front.
Back: Moderately narrow, slightly rounded, obliquely sloping.
Wings: Well compact, close to the torso, resting on the tail, do not intersect, reach the middle of the ribbon on the tail.
Tail: Compact, simple, maintained obliquely with the ridge line.
The legs: Thighs visible, entirely high, small build, slightly bent back at the knees, jumps and unfledged fingers, claws clear.
Plumage: Adjacent.


Kinds of colors:

White + brown-gray-black.

Color and drawing:

Brown head – black with a faint metallic sheen, neck of the same color, but with a strong metallic sheen, shimmering with colors – green, purple and brown, shoulders, the back and chest are dark in color – gray with a brown tinge, tail darker than the back, ending with an almost black ribbon, the bottom of the wheelhouse should have a distinct brown coating, all feathers at the base should be brown. In females, the brown shade is stronger than in males. Color drawing “charming”, abdomen, thighs, wings and rump are white.

Big mistakes:

The head is short, to the group, wide, with a high forehead, large edges or concavities, clearly lowered down. Fat, short or bright beak, too strongly developed distemper. An eye with a broken iris, or with lots of blood veins. Narrow eyebrow, bright, orange or red color. Short neck, clear “vein” under the beak. Short legs, feathered jumps and toes, no brown shade in coloration, metallic sheen on the neck, rusty red feathers on the neck, blue color on the back and tail, overall the color is too light. Irregularity and distortions “magpie” drawing. Disproportionate structure of the figure, individual parts of the body short and stocky. Any signs of degeneration and any obvious features of an alien race, especially the resemblance to foreign magpies.

Comments for the evaluation:

Head - eye, brew, beak and their color – building a figure - posture - color - drawing – general look.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7

Edition 2001