The pigeon of the nun of Tulska

The pigeon of the nun of Tulska


Other names: Tulskij monach


Russian breed, derived and established as a separate race in the city of Tula, in the mid-nineteenth century. Materiałem wyjściowym do jej utworzenia były gołębie uczestniczące w ulepszaniu i utrwalaniu krótkodziobego wywrotka rżewskiego białym koroniatym wywrotkiem orłowskim. As a result of this cross, ribbon pigeons were created with an excess of white drawing – ancestors of the nun from Tula. It belongs to the volatile pigeons, flying at medium altitude in large circles. In Poland, also known as "Krymka Tula with a lent". It is most common in Central Russia.

General impression:

The monk seal is a little smaller than a medium-sized elongated-bodied pigeon, with a characteristic cap- "Piuska" on the forehead and crown; with a white ribbon on the tail, with relatively low legs, treading on the tips of the fingers.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Rounded, with visible edges, elongated, with a high and relatively wide forehead. Below the nape of the neck it has a wide crown finished with rosettes.
Eyes: Quite big, slightly convex, dark.
Brew: Pretty wide, soft, flesh color.
Beak: Less than medium length, White, medium thick, blunt, no gap. Wax - delicate, White, powdered.
Neck: The average length, beautifully set in the arms and blending harmoniously with the breast, slightly narrowed at the head, dewlap gently cut and rounded.
Breast: Moderately wide, proportional to the size of the bird, slightly convex, slightly raised.
Back: Nie za długie, slightly rounded and sloping towards the tail.
Wings: The average length, black, close to the body, the ailerons rest on the tail.
Tail: Flat, slightly open, consists of the 12 wheelhouses.
The legs: Short, unfledged jumps, Red; claws clear.
Plumage: Not very abundant, soft, adherent.

Kinds of colors:

White and red.

Color and drawing:

The whole pigeon is snow-white in color, only on the head there is a red stripe from the waxes to the crown. The lower edge of the red cap goes through 2-3 mm above the eyes and eyebrows. The tail and the tail are dark red in color with a white ribbon / belt / about width 1,5-2,5 cm, wider in males than in females. The tailpiece and the cap on the head have a glossy shine. All elements of a colored drawing must be of one color.

Big mistakes:

High posture, incorrect drawing, elongated and thin beak, white or broken eyes, crown not full or too low, wings worn below the tail, no tail belt, not very intense color.

Comments for the evaluation:

Shape of the figure - head - beak - eye - crown - drawing - color – general look.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7.

Edition 2001.