The Kiev Mniszka pigeon

The Kiev Mniszka pigeon

Other names:

German – Kiev bottlenose dolphin, France – Tumbling Kiev, English – Kiev Tumbler, Kievskij swietłyj


Ukrainian breed, formed in Kiev in the 1870s.

There are no data on the origin of the breed. It is most common in Ukraine. It belongs to volatile pigeons with a specific style of flight, jest w typie gołębia polnego. He brings up his offspring well

General impression:

Medium-sized pigeon (34-35 cm), strong body, with a slightly elongated body. It resembles a common pigeon with a specific plumage pattern and a characteristic tip on the head.

The pigeon gives the impression of "dressed in a colorful tailcoat with a snow-white T-shirt over the head and neck".

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Narrow, elongated, with a slightly convex forehead, on the back decorated with a sharp "as if trimmed" tip.
Eyes: Little, dark brown.
Brew: Narrow, flesh color.
Beak: Pretty long, not very sharp, light color, in black and blue the upper half of the beak – dark. The waxwings are small, minor, well-fitting.
Neck: The average length, quite thick.
Breast: Wide, slightly convex and rounded.
Back: Pretty broad, slightly sloping.
Wings: Close-fitting, strong, covering the back, resting on the tail.
Tail: Narrow, 12 wheelhouses, the average length, compact.
The legs: Red, short, with medium-length paws, from strong feathers; claws white.
Plumage: Smooth, well-fitting.

Kinds of colors:

Black, Red, coffee, yellow, blue with black stripes, tobacco.

Color and drawing:

The whole pigeon is colorful except for the head, neck, the chest and the front of the feet ( which are white). There is a colorful "forehead" on the forehead – piuska".

Big mistakes:

Narrow and highly elongated structure of the figure, high posture, incorrect beak drawing and color, lacks in plumage of legs and tip.

Comments for the evaluation:

Head and tip- figure- drawing- color- catch- general look.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 9

Edition 2001.