Mikołajowski pigeon

Mikołajowski pigeon

Other names: Nikolaevsky


Ukrainian breed, whose cradle is the city of Mykolaiv (Nikolaev ) in southern Ukraine. The history of the breed is unknown, the first records of the breed come from 1840 year. In Russia and Ukraine they are known as "fattening pigs", i.e.. intersecting clouds. Today there are many breeding varieties, which differ in structure, size, some have elements of the plumage structure ( e.g. lace, catch ). Apart from Mikołajów, there are also great breeding centers of this breed: Donetsk, Kharkov, Zaporoże, Odessa, Sumy, Makiivka, Drużkowka, Melitopol, Ochakiv. Pigeons of this breed fly at great heights without making circles. There are four basic styles of flight: lark (cross), butterfly, board and sickle. This pattern concerns the classic St. Nicholas' variety, zwanej obecnie Staromikołajowska.

General impression:

A pigeon a little larger than the average size, with an elongated torso, slightly raised and quite wide breast, low posture, flattened legs and dense body plumage.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Medium size, smooth, forehead not too high, oval elongated, laterally flattened.
Eyes: Not big, in whites and discs they are dark, in other color varieties amber or pearl.
Brew: Pretty narrow, soft, flesh-colored (in black and blue - gray).
Beak: Pretty long and thin, proportional to the size of the head, pointed, horn color (in black and blue - darker), u gołębi tarczowych z barwnym czółkiem górna szczęka może być ciemniejsza. Wax – small, smooth, adherent, white powdered.
Neck: Short, relatively thick (conical).
Breast: Wide, round, convex and slightly raised (40-450).
Back: Wide, simple, elongated, slightly sloping, they smoothly turn into the tail.
Wings: Long, loosely fitting to the body, with wide and springy ailerons, the tips of the wings lie on the tail.
Tail: Composed of 12- 16 wide and springy brakes.
The legs: Short, unfledged jumps, Red ( in black and blue they can be darker), beak-colored claws.
Plumage: Plentiful, dense, soft, not well fitted.

Kinds of colors:

White, black, coffee, Red, yellow, fawn, blue, ice cream, isabella.

Color and drawing:

Possibly saturated, on the neck with a metallic sheen. Blue, ice cream, isabella, szymel – roan, light coffee, fawn - all with stripes on the wings. Pea - red, blue, coffee, fawn - all with wing stripes. Disc in all colors ( the wing discs are colored, and there may be a colored forehead, in the color of the wing discs). Colored without stripes - black, White, Red, coffee, yellow. All color varieties may have a color tail (how the color of the plumage remains) all white or white with colored side brakes ( desirable 1:1, 2:2, 3:3 ). The variety of "martyna" has colors: wings, ridge, tail, belly and head; the rest of the body is white. Pigeons mottled ,,slices' should have color and white spots evenly distributed.

Big mistakes:

A large and coarse head – red or pink eyebrow – long and thin neck – narrow chest – wings carried below or crossing the tail – peaked tail -high posture – clearly pink eyes - incorrect drawing.

Comments for the evaluation:

Figure – head structure - eyes - eyebrow - beak - posture - color – legs and overall appearance.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 8

Edition 2001