The Polish ościuch pigeon

The Polish ościuch pigeon

Other names:

German – Polish short (Masciuch Polski), France – Masciuch Polish rocker, English – Polish Shortbeak Tumbler,


The beginning of the 18th century, Małopolska with a breeding center in Lviv. Due to the ability to roll during flight, it was formerly called "purcle" or "Polish goat".

General impression:

Elegant, noble, a little pigeon with a proud and graceful demeanor. With great temperament, but trusting and gentle. His figure is proportional, compact, with a puffed up breasts, straight and high neck carried. The pigeon's ankle head and a pearly eye with a lively gaze add beauty to the pigeon, otoczone jasną, expressive eyebrow.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Little, cube, forehead broad, trees, high. Górna część głowy (crown) flattened with a slight indentation formed by a slightly palpable occipital tumor and two eyes. Gaps between tumors should be well filled with muscles. All edges are gently rounded. There are smooth-headed and lace varieties. In the case of crested hair, the lace should be semicircular, set high and close to the head, the edge of the lace should reach the top of the head.
Eyes: The eyeball is large, round, slightly convex. Pearl color iris.
Brew: Expressive, evenly surrounding the eye, with a delicate structure, flesh color, two or three-row, it must not touch the base of the beak or reach the top of the head.
Beak: Short, fat, wide at the base, blunt ended, flesh color, inserted slightly diagonally downwards, the edge of the beak's upper jaw makes an obtuse angle with the forehead. Correct beak seating is very important. Fine waxes, well-fitting.
Neck: Short, thin by the head, proportional, round, worn straight, firmly seated, wide at the base, it tapers proportionally to the head.
Breast: Wide, convex, rounded, raised.
Back: Short, moderately wide, sloping slightly with the tail line.
Wings: Short, strong, well compact, they lie on the tail, not reaching the end of the tail.
Tail: Compact, sloping with the back line, slightly longer than the shuttlecocks, does not touch
The legs: Short, proportional to the construction of the figure, Red, about delicate
skeleton, unfledged jumps, claws clear, thighs partially hidden in the feathers of the lower abdomen.
Plumage: Plentiful, well-fitting.

Kinds of colors:

Black, Red, yellow, White, coffee. Black and white, Red, yellow, coffee.

Color and drawing:

Monochrome: black, Red, yellow, White, coffee. The color should be uniform and intense with a metallic sheen on the neck and partially on the breasts.

  1. White-disc: tzw oficery – czarne, Red, yellow with white wing shields.
  2. Białystok: podstawowa barwa czarna, Red, yellow or coffee, first order shuttlecocks white.
  3. Pstrokate: tzw moretele – Podstawowa barwa czarna, red or yellow. Small white feathers are dotted on the head and neck.

Big mistakes:

Head with a narrow, a sloping or low forehead. No ankle head system. Cap convex. Beak thin, long or pointed and inserted at the wrong angle (set). Beak crooked or with a space between the jaws. Large wax waxes, Red, pink, narrow, fleshy or grainy eyebrow. Neck disproportionate to the bird's build ( too thin, long or short and thick). Chest narrow, slightly extended. Narrow, long back. Lowered or "sticking" wings. Broad or peaked tail. High legs, feathered jumping. Faulty drawing or color of the plumage.

Comments for the evaluation:

Head with a possible lace - beak and its insertion - eyes, eyebrow and their color - neck - figure of build - legs - color and drawing - general appearance.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7

Edition 2001