Lithuanian Tiger Pigeon

Lithuanian Tiger Pigeon


Lithuanian breed, the history of which is not exactly known. In Polish nomenclature it appeared under the name "Bessarabski". Contrary to popular opinion and its former name itself, this pigeon was bred in Lithuania as a barefoot variety of the tiger beetle. Similar pigeons with a black beak and feathered legs called "chickens" or "omskas" are bred in Siberia. He belongs to volatile ornamental pigeons in the group of well-mannered pulsating pigeons ( on the border of Russian kaczunów and Triassunów ). It is most often bred in Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland.

General impression:

Medium-sized pigeon ( the smaller the better ), with a lively temperament, low fluffed legs, shortened torso, with a raised breast, wings lowered low, a highly raised and broad tail.

Neck pulses hard and nods. There is a white motley on the basic color of the plumage.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Not much, rounded with a marked forehead, always smooth.
Eyes: Light pearl, medium size, expressive.
Brew: Soft, narrow, pale flesh-colored.
Beak: Bright horn , dark in black and blue, a little less than the average length, slightly thickened at the base. Small wax wafers, well-fitting, white powdered.
Neck: Broad by the shoulders, clearly tapering towards the head, dewlap nicely cut, slightly elongated, odchylona do tyłu z pięknym przegięciem, strongly pulsating.
Breast: Wide, convex, round, quite high raised.
Back: Broad at the shoulders, very short.
Wings: The average length, carried below the tail, quite loosely close to the body.
Tail: The average length, flat,14-20 wide wheelhouses, clearly wider than the breast, raised high ( 45-500 ).
The legs: Short, Red, jumps and toes always unfledged, ; beak-colored claws.
Plumage: Soft, loosely fitting to the body.

Kinds of colors:

Black, Red, yellow, blue.

Color and drawing:

The primary color is saturated and clean. White feathers on the head, breasts, wings and legs form a tiger-like drawing. They should not create larger bright spots. The color of the brakes and ailerons of the first order shall be uniform in the base color. There is a metallic sheen on the chest and neck.

Big mistakes:

Narrow, long figure; narrow chest; angular head; dark eyes; diffuse pupil; pink eyebrow; slim, long beak; long back; carried low, peaked and narrow tail; feathered, high legs; no strong pulsation; not very intense color of plumage; wrong drawing.

Comments for the evaluation:

Shape of the figure - posture - head – throbbing neck - tail - legs - color - drawing - general appearance.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7

Edition 2001.