The Kremenchuk pigeon

The Kremenchuk pigeon

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Ukraine, the city of Kremenchuk (Kremenchug) on the Dnieper 50th years of the twentieth century from Kherson, Kriukowskie and Viennese short-beaked.

General impression:

Less than medium size, harmonious body structure, with wings down, raised tail.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Little, smooth, with slightly defined edges and a flat crown.
Eyes: Large, bright, in whites and variegated with a predominance of white, they are dark, in others it is clear.
Brew: Wide, smooth, White.
Beak: Short, bold, compact, light. It may be darker in variegated ones. Small wax wafers, adherent, smooth, White.
Neck: Medium length and thickness, delicate to the head. It does not pulsate.
Breast: Rounded, convex, quite wide.
Back: Easy, short ( the shorter the better ).
Wings: Long, the ends drop below the tail, do not touch the ground, well compact, they do not stick to the body.
Tail: Wide, 14 – 16 wheelhouses, flat, raised at an angle 20 – 30 The .
The legs: Short, small, unfledged, Red, beak-colored claws.
Plumage: Tight fit.

Kinds of colors:

Black, Red, Red, chestnut, blue with stripes, White.

Color and drawing:

Strong colors, no extraneous shades.

Monochrome – black, Red, chestnut, blue with stripes, White.

In blue, two black stripes on the wing shields.

Mottled - light or dark, the motley is evenly distributed, uniformly colored tail, colored or alternately interspersed with white.

Big mistakes:

Strong figure build, high posture, large or round and crowned head, small or yellow eyes, pink or narrow eyebrow, long and thin beak, long or throbbing neck, long back, short and tail-worn wings, narrow or peaked tail, high legs, dull colors of plumage.

Comments for the evaluation:

Posture - Figure - Head - Eye - Beak - Eyebrow - Neck - Posture - Back - Wings - Tail - Color - Overall Appearance.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7

Edition 2001