The pigeon of Krymka Poland

The pigeon of Krymka Poland

Other names:

niemiecka - Polish dome, French - Culbutant Крымка, English - Polish Krymka Tumbler,


Krymki are a commonly known breed of flying pigeons. Probably these pigeons came to Poland from the Middle East countries. The name comes from the term headgear “Crimea” formerly used in eastern Poland. Currently bred all over Poland.

General impression:

Medium size with a slender build and more than medium tall posture. The shimmering plumage is tightly attached to the body, giving the silhouette the necessary cut and elegance. A sharp look, little timidity, lively disposition, great attachment to the loft.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Narrow and elongated, with a flattened oval line, with a smooth, rounded forehead that is not too high. The head may be smooth or adorned with a copious crown on the back, the top of the crown must not be dense, compact and shell-shaped ( the inner part of the crown is slightly recessed and not close to the head, and at the top the feathers point to the front). From both sides, on the sides of the head, the crown should end with small rosettes.
Eyes: Pearl-colored iris, small pupil.
Brew: Moderately wide, smooth, flesh-colored.
Beak: Long, light, moderately strong, compact. Delicate nasal waxes, well-fitting, white powdered. The beak dividing line is extended tangentially to the lower part of the eye.
Neck: 1/3 bird height, quite slim, slightly widening downwards and harmoniously merging with the breast, slightly leaning forward.
Breast: Rounded.
Back: Slightly sloping.
Wings: It is tight and close to the body, resting freely on the tail, not reaching the end of the tail with their flight feathers, nie krzyżujące się lotkami ze sobą.
Tail: Well compact, proportionally long to the build of the pigeon, kept in the even line of the back.
The legs: the average length, smooth or heavily and densely feathered, big paws, well-developed feathering on the thighs. Feathers growing on the foot near the heel and on the toes are stiffer, unfoldedly formed.
Plumage: Plentiful, adherent

Kinds of colors:

The basic color is white. The color of the cap and tail is allowed in all strong colors.

Color and drawing:

The entire pigeon is white, except for the colored cap “Crimea” on the head and colored tail. “Krymka” covers the top of the head, and the line separating the colored drawing of the cap from the white background is an extension of the dividing line of the beak and runs tangentially to the lower part of the eye, and ends at the base of the inner side of the crown. In smooth-headed ones, it runs around the back of the head with an even line. The generally accepted rules apply to the separation of the colored tail from the rest of the white plumage. All color variations are allowed in the Crimea, the color should be uniform, clean, saturated and glossy. The color and shade of the tail and the cap must be the same.

Big mistakes:

Head with a short oval profile, with a prominent, convex, broad forehead. Beak less than medium length, dark or glaucous-horned in blue, black and red, possibly with a pink-red coating. An eye with a dark or yellow iris, too “bloody” about (with a large amount of bloody veins) or broken (with a two-colored iris) and “diffuse pupil”. One pearly eye, and the other about the brown iris. Poor in feathers, strongly distorted crown, colored feathers inside and on the back of the crown, crown set too low, dragged rosettes, short, neck too thick, no removal of the dewlap. Wings loosely held against the body and badly tightened ailerons. Wings worn pendulous, below the tail. Too rounded shapes, for its small build and overall small size of the pigeon (visible influence of crossword puzzles with new type Hamburg krymki). Short or bent legs. Clearly distorted color appearance “Crimea”. Tail feathers overlap wedge-shaped or too far in a white band for the colored tail feathers. “Mirrors” or green color of the brakes. Color patchy and incomplete .

Comments for the evaluation:

Head – beak and its color – eye color – building a figure - drawing - color – general look.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 8 (10)

Edition 2001