The pigeon of the Hamburg Crimea

The pigeon of the Hamburg Crimea

Other names:

German - Hamburger Kalotte, francuski - Hamburg Skull, English - Hamburg Helmet,


Bred in the 20th century by crossing the old Hamburg Krymka with the white-eyed.

General impression:

Delicate, a lively pigeon with a stocky build, rounded head vault, short beak, with a wide and round crown, graceful but not timid.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Round, with a wide rounded forehead, smooth or with a crown, with well-developed rosettes.
Eyes: Quite big, pearl color.
Brew: Pale to pale red.
Beak: Short, fat, closed, flesh-colored to light horned, forming a blunt angle with the forehead.
Neck: Short, groats, throat poorly cut.
Breast: Round, moved forward.
Back: Easy, relatively short, slightly sloping.
Wings: Close-fitting, resting on the tail.
Tail: Moderately long, well compact.
The legs: Short, jumps and unfledged fingers.
Plumage: Smooth, well-fitting, feathers not too long.

Kinds of colors:

White – black, Red, yellow, blue, blue and isabelle.

Color and drawing:

The main color is white, the head and tail are colored. The tail should be evenly cut off from the color, the crimson on the head extends from the white crown, runs flush with the lower edge of the eyebrow, all the way to the beak angles. The same drawing for the smooth-headed ones.

Big mistakes:

Thick body, flat head, beak too long, completely dark upper part of the beak, weak, defective crown, bad drawing, white feathers in the tail.

Comments for the evaluation:

Head with a beak, eye and crown – building a figure - drawing - color – general look.




Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7

Edition 2001