The Rżewski short-billed pigeon

The Rżewski short-billed pigeon

Other names:

Krasno-freckle lentic turma,


Russian breed, manufactured in the city of Rżew. They took part in creating the breed: white Orłowski crowns and Tula incandescent. In the process of forming the breed, varieties also arose: Morshan, orłowska, tulska, puddle, Moscow. All of them are assessed according to the following pattern, taking into account the marked differences. In Poland, the name "Russian red-spotted tippers" was used.. It belongs to the short-beaked flying dumpers.

General impression:

Medium-sized pigeon, short-beaked, with a wide eyebrow, big dark eyes, with a low stance and a characteristic grand drawing.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Little, weakly muscled, zaokrąglona lub (more desirable) cube; with high, a broad and steep forehead; with a wide crown or smooth.
Eyes: Large, dark, slightly convex.
Brew: Wide, even, pale flesh-colored.
Beak: Wide at the base, short, blunt, slightly directed downwards, it forms an obtuse angle with the forehead, well closed at the end, flesh-colored. Wax small but distinct, not sticking out, flesh color.
Neck: Strong at the base, proportional, quite thin at the head, carried vertically.
Breast: Wide, well rounded, convex, slightly raised.
Back: Quite broad in the shoulders, slightly sloping, tapering towards the tail.
Wings: The average length, adherent, noszone na ogonie lub równo z nim.
Tail: Flat, slightly flared, with 12 wheelhouses, carried parallel to the ground, slightly raised with lowered wings.
The legs: Set wide apart, short, unfledged jumps, Red. White nails.
Plumage: Plentiful, well-fitting.

Color and drawing:

The cherry red color is saturated, drawing of magpie. Head, neck, breast, ridge, the tail and the tail are colored. Cheeks, chin, wings (lower covers and ailerons of the 1st row), belly and hips with thighs are white. Podogonie can be white or colored. Across the tail ( about 1 cm from its end) a clear white stripe passes – ribbon. In males, the white band is wider.

Big mistakes:

Big, narrow head; long, thin beak; narrow eyebrow; small eyes; no magical drawing; a gray shade of red; feathered legs; different eye colors or other than dark; white rump.

Comments for the evaluation:

Head - eyes - eyebrows - beak - tail - color - drawing – general appearance - posture – figure.

Derivatives of the Rżewski dumper – (given characteristics of the individual varieties)

¨ Morszański /Morszanskij żełto – delivered by turman / -bred in Morszańsk at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The colored drawing is light yellow (straw).

¨ Kałuski /Kałuskij piegij turman / – bred in Kaluga. A rather large pigeon with a crown on the head and low legs.

¨ Orłowski /Orłowskij lentocznyj turman/ – bred in the city of Orzeł. Just a cube head. The color drawing is clearly reduced. There is a white plaque on the forehead, hence it is often called "bald".

¨ Tulski /Tulskij lentocznyj /-wyhodowany w Tule. Cubic head with a steep and high forehead, an even more reduced color drawing than in Orłowski's. They are colored: tail, dorsal part of the neck and back.

¨ Moskiewski / Moskovsky lent /- brought out in Moscow at the end of the 19th century. A very petite pigeon, filigree construction, maleńka głowa o układzie kostkowym, smooth. Slightly pendulous wings desirable.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7

Edition 2001.