Short-billed Pigeon Russian Magpie

Short-billed Pigeon Russian Magpie


Russian breed. No data on the origin of the breed. According to the stories of old Russian breeders, it was derived at the beginning of the 19th century on the basis of Orłowski pigeons.

They are most popular in the cities of central Russia – St.Petersburgu, Kaluga, In Moscow and Michurinsk. Formerly they belonged to the perfect flying pigeons and tippers. Currently, they are mainly bred as decorative pigeons. They are classified as volatile short-beaked dumpers. The first pattern was developed in 1912 year. In Poland, it appeared under the name of black-spot Russian tippers.

General impression:

Medium-sized pigeon (length 34-36 cm), with a majestic demeanor; elongated body; on short legs; with a short, white beak; with distinct eyes and wings lowered below the tail.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Not much; forehead high, trees, wide; smooth or with a wide crown.
Eyes: Large, convex, black.
Brew: Wide, even, soft, white-fleshy.
Beak: Wide at the base, short, blunt, light, slightly pointing down; wax-of-medium size, not thick, smooth, delicate, white powdered.
Neck: Quite long, proportional to the size of the bird, strong at the base, thin by the head with a cut chin, held vertically and majestically.
Breast: Wide, convex, slightly raised.
Back: Relatively wide, simple, slightly sloping towards the tail. Convex "rump" desirable.
Wings: Elongated, carried loosely under the tail, almost reach its end.
Tail: Elongate, slightly flared, flat, carried horizontally, with no more than 12 wheelhouses.
The legs: Short, unfledged, fingers small, claws white.
Plumage: Plentiful, well-fitting.

Color and drawing:

The color of the plumage is black and white. A magpie drawing. Black are the head, neck, breast, back, back and tail. Black must be saturated / jet black / with a green sheen.

White are around the eyebrows, cheeks, chin, the lower part of the wing disc and ailerons, belly and hips with thighs. The podogonie is black or white.

Big mistakes:

Long, narrow head; long and thin beak; narrow and red eyebrow; no magical drawing; feathered legs; different eye colors.

Comments for the evaluation:

Figure, posture - head - beak - eyes - eyebrow – wearing wings and tail - color - drawing – general look.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7

Edition 2001.