Kriukowski White pigeon

Kriukowski White pigeon


Ukraine, the city of Kriukov, now a district of the city of Kremenchuk (Kremenchug) on the Dnieper finally formed in the years 20- those of the 20th century.

General impression:

A pigeon slightly less than average in size, with a lively temperament, low posture, drooping wings and unfledged legs.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Rounded, little, smooth, prominent and broad forehead, the crown and the nape are rounded.
Eyes: Large, convex, black.
Brew: Narrow, soft, smooth, flesh color.
Beak: Short, slim, simple, well compact, inserted perpendicular to the forehead line, White. Small wax wafers, smooth, close to the beak.
Neck: The average length, slightly bent, thin by the head, widening downwards, smoothly passes into the breast, not pulsating.
Breast: Relatively wide, rounded, convex.
Back: Easy, short (the shorter the better).
Wings: Long, the ends drop below the tail, do not touch the ground, black.
Tail: Wide, 14 – 16 wheelhouses, flat, raised at an angle 20-30 The .
The legs: Little, short, unfledged, Red, beak-colored claws.
Plumage: Resilient, adherent.

Kinds of colors: White.

Big mistakes: Strong figure build, high posture, large or angular head, forehead low or not prominent, small or light eyes, pink or thick eyebrow, long or bent down beak, a gap between the beak's jaws, throbbing of the neck, short or tail-worn wings, narrow or peaked tail, długie lub opierzone nogi, feathers of a color other than white.

Comments for the evaluation: Head - Eye - Eyebrow - Beak - Neck - Breast - Posture - Back - Wings - Tail - Legs - Figure - General Appearance.

Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7

Edition 2001