The pigeon of Korosi

The pigeon of Korosi

Other names:

German - Köröser Tümmler, French - Culbutant de Körös, English - Koros Tumbler,


Hungary. Name from the Koros River, flowing through the Hungarian Plain.

General impression:

Medium size, squat, a very deeply standing flying pigeon with a distinct Kosa posture with a feather-rich, shell-shaped lace.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Relatively big, with a high and wide forehead, with full cheeks, forehead well arched. Darken slightly flattened; with feather-like lace, with side rosettes.
Eyes: Yellow in single-colored and tigers with a dark head, dark in everyone else, including whites.
Brew: Flat, double-breasted, pale in whites, light gray in single-colored blues, light-flesh in the other colors.
Beak: Less than medium length, wedge-shaped, slightly down, light; in dark colors, a bow tie is allowed, in single-color blues, gray-blue.
Neck: Short, quite thick, bent backwards in affect.
Breast: Wide, full, deep.
Back: Wide, short, concave rounded.
Wings: Loose fit and always carried under the tail, touching almost the ground.
Tail: Wide (roughly the width of the breasts), in a blunt corner, raised and carried closed; possibly not less than 14 feathers; the rump gland is missing.
The legs: Very short, unfledged, beak-colored claws.
Plumage: Loose, the feathers of the abdomen almost touch the ground.

Kinds of colors:

They are single-colored: White, black, coffee, Red, yellow, silver without stripes, blue, pale blue, blue peas. Tigers : black, red and yellow. Kolorowe : black, Red, yellow and blue. Gooseberry : black, coffee, Red, yellow, blue peas, blue, silver.

Disc: black.

Color and drawing:

Monochrome have shiny colors. Tigers with as evenly distributed drawing as possible, or on a colored background with colored wings and a tail (dark tigerish) , or on a white background a colorful drawing everywhere (light tiger-like). The variegated ones have a white tail by the colored body, back and ailerons. The head is bright, until whiteness. The geese have a drawing of a magpie, the head is white with a bib that reaches the middle of the front of the neck, ridge, belly and wings, except for the shoulder feathers, that make up a colorful heart. The cut on the chest is quite deep, the tail cover and the crown are colored. The anus wedge and plumage should also be colored. They exist 3 various drawings of the head : 1) a colored spot of the forehead extends from the top base of the beak to the center of the upper part of the head, which should not be touching the side of your eyes;

2) there is a color spot in the center of the crown, the so-called. Crown; 3) the head is without drawing. The discs have well-rounded wing discs.

Big mistakes:

Long, narrow or high torso; wings worn on the tail, too deep (low) carried and narrow tail; flat, narrow head; long, thin beak; poorly feathered, narrow crown; red eyebrow; feathered jumps and toes; large errors in color and drawing.

Comments for the evaluation:

Shape of the figure - posture - tail – the way of wearing wings – crown arrangement – head with beak - eyes - color - drawing – general look.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7

Edition 2001