Pigeon Koroniarz Sercaty

Pigeon Koroniarz Sercaty

Other names:

niemiecka - Polish bottlenose dolphin, francuski - Shell Polish Tumbler, English - Polish Crest Tumbler,


Poland – the variety of these pigeons was clearly distinguished at the beginning of the 19th century in Galicia and Małopolska. As the years passed, the greatest amount of breeding work in stabilizing and improving it was made by the Krakow breeders and they gave this breed the proper name Koroniarz Sercaty. Currently, this breed is also bred in other regions of Poland.

General impression:

Little pigeon, short torso, compact, chest quite broad, lifted up, graceful attitude, he steps on his fingertips, with a beautiful color pattern, it comes in several colors, plumage profusely, tight and close fitting to the body.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: In the shape of a hazelnut, forehead broad, moderately high, quite steep sloping. Frontal part, occipital and rounded sides of the head. A bit wider in the front part, from the profile, however, it does not show the so-called. brow knockout, the top part cannot, however, be flattened. The head should be decorated with a profuse crown from ear to ear, finished with rosettes.
Eyes: Big eyeballs, head protruding clearly outwards, shiny, a vivid look, brown iris.
Brew: Double, fine-grained and smooth, a matte red color.
Beak: Less than medium length, quite thick, blunt ended, wide at its base, well compact, positioned at the right angle, so that it does not distort the line of the forehead profile, flesh color, fine waxes, well-fitting, White “powdered”.
Neck: Short, full, it connects to the breast and shoulders with no visible border, short neck, wide, rounded. Throat cut and rounded.
Breast: Full, well developed, moderately wide, slightly forward, slightly lifted up.
Back: Short, moderately wide, sloping down towards the tail.
Wings: Short, close to the body, freely resting on the tail with their remiges, the tips of the wings do not reach the end of the tail.
Tail: Short, well compact, kept in line with the dorsal line.
The legs: Medium low, small build, unfledged jumps, red color, claws clear, thighs hidden in the feathers of the lower abdomen, barely seen.
Plumage: Adjacent, plentiful.

Kinds of colors:

White – black, Red, brown, yellow and blue.

Color and drawing:

Color white occurs on the head, wings, lower abdomen and thighs. Neck, breast, belly, back, the back and tail are colored in black, red, brown, yellow and blue. The line separating white and colored should be clearly marked. The white color on the head extends to the inner base of the lace, takes place around 5 mm below the eye and beak. Color in color on the chest, belly reaches almost to the thighs. Colorful heart on the back as small as possible, must not overlap the wing covers. All colors should be intense, uniform glossy.

Big mistakes:

Narrow forehead, long head. Lace missing or too low. Too long, slim, badly set beak. Pearl color iris, cut eye, single – fleshy or gray eyebrow. A thin and long neck. Narrow breast, hidden in the wings. Narrow, elongated back. Long, narrow wings, long tail, high legs, feathered jump and toes. Too large white drawing under the bow, strong puffs of color on the wings, and large distortions in the lines separating white from color. Too massive build, narrow and elongated body structure, legs too high.

Comments for the evaluation:

Head - eye, eyebrow and their color - beak - figure - drawing - color – general look.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7

Edition 2001