Color-tailed pigeon

Color-tailed pigeon

Other names:

niemiecka - Polish bottlenose dolphin, francuski - Shell Polish Tumbler, English - Polish Crest Tumbler,


Cultivated and very popular in Małopolska, but mainly in Krakow and nearby towns. This pigeon is characterized by good health, smart and independent.

General impression:

A rather medium-sized pigeon, short torso, compact, carried obliquely. Proud attitude, perky, walks on the tips of the fingers. The plumage is dense, plentiful, close to the body.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: In the shape of a hazelnut, forehead quite broad, not high. Forehead, occiput and sides gently rounded, it cannot be flat, corona obfita, well-fitting, peak slightly raised, from ear to ear, finished with small rosettes.
Eyes: Large, protruding outwards, shiny, a dark color.
Brew: Wide, double, miniature, matowoczerwona.
Beak: Less than medium length, wide at the base, blunt ended, well compact, flesh color, wax sticks small, well adhering, white powdered.
Neck: Short, not too fat, widens when connected to the shoulders. Throat slightly full. Smooth neck. Rarely, but they appear with a ruffle like a gull, and in these there is a very visible dewlap, the so-called. vein.
Breast: Well developed, wide, slightly put forward and lifted up.
Back: Short, slanting towards the tail.
Wings: Short, black, close to the body, resting on the tail, not intersecting.
Tail: Short, compact, composed of 12 wide wheelhouses.
The legs: Medium low, thighs partially hidden in the feathers of the lower abdomen, not feathered jumps, red in color, claws clear.
Plumage: Adjacent.

Kinds of colors:

White and black, Red, brown-coffee, yellow, blue.

Color and drawing:

The basic color is white, all except the tail, which is black in color, Red, brown-coffee, yellow, blue, intense color, uniform.

Big mistakes:

Big head, narrow forehead, no crown, slim, long, badly set beak, cut eye, Orange, bright, long thin neck, narrow and fleshy eyebrow, narrow chest, elongated back, long, narrow wings, high legs, feathered jumps and toes.

Comments for the evaluation:

Head - eye, eyebrow and their color - beak – building a figure - posture - color - drawing – general look.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7

Edition 2001