Kishinev Pigeon Short-billed

Kishinev Pigeon Short-billed

Other names:

Russian - kiszynwskij korotkokluwyj,


Moldavian breed, bred in Chisinau (the capital of Moldova) and nearby places. It is related to the black Bucharest dump truck, Chestnut with Krai and Akerman. Formerly well flying, currently it belongs to decorative short-beaked pigeons.

General impression:

Medium-sized pigeon; It is distinguished by rich and quite loose plumage, with long ailerons and brakes; wings are carried below the raised tail, his neck pulses slightly when he is excited.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Not too big, cube, forehead high and broad, the crown is slightly flattened.
Eyes: Large, pearly, in whites it is dark, small pupil.
Brew: Wide, double, flesh color, slightly grainy becomes papillary in the elderly, slightly powdered.
Beak: Short, wide at the base, blunt ended, slightly pointing down, White; wax wax small, flat, slightly powdered.
Neck: Not long and not too thick, slightly bent back, when excited, the pigeon pulses slightly.
Breast: Wide, convex, slightly raised.
Back: Short, quite narrow, slightly sloping.
Wings: Worn below the tail, almost touch the ends of the substrate, fit loosely to the body, have long ailerons.
Tail: Wide z 14-18 wheelhouses, long, flat, only slightly raised.
The legs: Short, unfledged, Red, claws clear.
Plumage: Plentiful, loosely fitting / the pigeon looks bigger than it really is /.

Kinds of colors:

Monochrome-black, Red, coffee, White, blue with stripes, blue polka dots with stripes; two-color-marbled, mosaic / white speckled on black, red or yellow background.

Color and drawing:

Intense and deep color / is one of the basic elements of raciality /, a distinct metallic sheen on the neck and breasts. In mosaic pigeons, white feathers are not very numerous, on the neck and wing discs should be arranged symmetrically, ailerons and brakes should always be colored.

Big mistakes:

Too high posture; small and wrong colored eyes; narrow and red eyebrows; long, thin and dark or badly inserted; short or thick neck; narrow or peaked tail.

Comments for the evaluation:

Head - eye, its size and color - beak - neck - figure - wings - tail - legs - color.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 8

Edition 2001.