Kazan Pulsating Pigeon

Kazan Pulsating Pigeon

Other names:

German - Kasaner Tümler, French - Culbutant de Kazan , English - Kasan Tumbler, Russian – The Kazan Triassic,


Russian breed, dating from the second half of the nineteenth century, bred in Kazan on the Volga. Some sources say, that the pulsating Kazan is related to the peacocks, gulls, Moscow gray, a dump truck on the Vistula and short-beaked Königsberg pigeons. Kazanski played a big role in creating many breeds from the group of throbbing pigeons. It is also counted among the volatile dumpers in the group of throbbing pigeons.

General impression:

It is a small bird with an extremely beautiful and graceful body structure, with a low parade attitude, wings down, raised tail, a tiny head and a throbbing neck.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Little, round, with a broad and high forehead, smooth.
Eyes: White-silvery in colored ones; in white dark-cherry (almost black).
Brew: Thin, White.
Beak: Short, fat, blunt ended, White. Small wax wafers, White.
Neck: Short, beautifully bent with the head carried proudly, set back, strongly pulsating, wide by the chest - thin by the head, blending harmoniously with the body.
Breast: Wide, convex, raised.
Back: Wide, short, concave.
Wings: Length in proportion to the size of the torso, carried below the tail, almost touch the ground.
Tail: Shortened, highly raised, flat, wide (16 wheelhouses), pillows under and above the tail.
The legs: Short ( the shorter the better ), poorly feathered, with little parrots forming a ring of fingers like a "bell". White nails.
Plumage: Strong, not too abundant, soft.

Kinds of colors:

White, black, Red, yellow. All colors are saturated and pure.

Color and drawing:

Yellow and red are colored: head, neck, chest and back.

Nadogonnik, tail and belly, oraz opierzenie nóg jest białe. At the white tail, the tail can be colored. Black's tail is black. The yellow ones, the red and black wings are colored or white. If the wings are colored, that's the least 5 lotek I rzędu jest białych. The luster on the chest and neck is golden, brown or greenish-purple, depending on the base color of the plumage.

Big mistakes:

Large bird size, long wings and tail, thin and long beak, wrong eye color, bad plumage structure of legs.

Comments for the evaluation:

Shape of the figure - posture - neck - head - beak – eye color – paws on the feet - drawing - color – general look.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 8

Edition 2001.