Kassel pigeon

Kassel pigeon

Other names:

German - Kasseler Tümmler, francuski - Kassel tumbling, English - Kassel Tumbler,


Known and bred at the end of the 19th century in Kassel and the surrounding towns, After a year 1920 began to be crossed with long-beaked volatile and French bagdettes, on the basis of these crosses, its present appearance was obtained.

General impression:

Elegant, high standing, long, long-billed pigeon with a horizontally carried body.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Long, well filled, from the beak to the forehead and top of the head, with a gentle, gentle curve, it descends to the back of the head. The highest point of the arc is above the eye, viewed from above, the head between the eyes and the distemper must always be full. Smooth or with a round crown, a little protruding above the head on the side with rosettes.
Eyes: Pure pearl with a small pupil.
Brew: Narrow, with delicate tissue, fiery red.
Beak: Long, wide seated, in line with the head, slightly pink wax waxes, they must not protrude above the curved line of the head. Flesh color, for dark colors, a bow tie at the end of the beak is allowed.
Neck: Thin, long, with a well-cut dewlap, carried vertically, passing with a slight widening into the shoulders and breast.
Breast: not too full, however well sprung.
Back: A beautiful curve drooping into a horizontally carried tail.
Wings: Adjacent, resting on the tail, shuttlecocks well closed.
Tail: Closed, carried horizontally.
The legs: Long, delicate, thighs fully visible, jumps and unfledged fingers, flesh-colored claws.
Plumage: Smooth and bouncy.

Kinds of colors:

Monochrome: White, isabella; white: black, Brown, blue with black stripes or no stripes, Red, yellow, bluish-fawn; isabella: with red and yellow stripes.

Color and drawing:

Black, Red, yellow and brown, very juicy and shiny, blue and fawn pure colors. The Isabella's neck is yellow in color, breasts and stripes and mirrors in the tail, with single-color shuttlecocks as well, other ivory plumage. All narrow lanes running smoothly. They have it at the whitewater 6 – 10 white ailerons.

Big mistakes:

Niezgrabna figure; drooping posture; too deep; too short, thick neck; full dewlap (vein), bent back of the neck; flat straight or angular head; face too short; beak too short or dark; pale or thick eyebrow; unclean iris; zapady, concavities of the forehead; dull colors, ethmoid tail, interspersed ailerons, anus white feathering, white back or shoulders, less than 6 and more than 10 white ailerons.

Comments for the evaluation:

Shape of the figure - posture - setting – head and beak – eyes and eyebrow – color and drawing – general look.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 8

Edition 2001