Jejski Dwuczuba's pigeon

Jejski Dwuczuba's pigeon

Other names:

niemiecka - Eisker Doppelkuppiger Positurtümmler, francuski - Tumbling of Eisk Posture, angielska – Eisk Double Crested Tumbler, Russian – Jejskij dwuczubyj,


Russian breed, brought out at the beginning of the 20th century in the city of Yeysk (southern Russia). The breed was formed from colored Rostovs from a group of well-formed pulsating pigeons – kiwających (ros. the ducklings ). Her bumblebee belongs to the volatile – ornamental pigeons throbbing with their necks (ros. Triassic ).

General impression:

Medium size, with a short body, short back, medium-billed, with lowered wings, with a head decorated with two crests, pulsating neck, a flat, broad and raised tail.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Medium size, slightly oblong, with a flattened parapet with a high rounded forehead. Carnation-shaped front tip, covers part of the forehead and wax, z tyłu głowy szeroka korona z rozetami przechodzi w grzywę.
Eyes: The color of the eyes depends on the color of the plumage. In colored ones, they are white and pearl; in whites, marbled and variegated with a predominance of white on the head- dark; medium size.
Brew: Narrow, flat, bright.
Beak: Less than average, simple, bold, blunt, bright color. As bright as possible in black. Small wax wafers, smooth, biało przypudrowane.
Neck: The average length, full, with a bend, pulsating.
Breast: Wide, convex, rounded, raised high.
Back: Short, broad shoulders.
Wings: The average length, dropped below the tail, not close to the short body.
Tail: Wide, flat, 14-16 wheelhouses, raised approx 45-60 degrees.
The legs: Short, Red, densely feathered – kosmy 3-8 cm. Claws- White.
Plumage: Rich, not tight fitting, soft.

Kinds of colors:

Black, Red, yellow, White, marbled.

Color and drawing:

Monochrome-black, Red, yellow, White; marbled; black with a motley head; black with variegated head and variegated wings. All colors are highly saturated and intense, the metallic shade of the plumage of the neck and breast depends on the basic color.

Big mistakes:

Lowered low, narrow, peaked tail; long back, different eye color in one bird; yellow or red eyes; errors in the plumage structure; not very intense color; unequal demarcation of the drawing.

Comments for the evaluation:

Structure of the figure - posture - neck - head - beak - eyes – plumage structure - wings - color - drawing – general look.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 9

Edition 2001.