Pigeon Grzywacz Permski

Pigeon Grzywacz Permski

Other names:

German - Griwuntümmler, French - Culbutant Griwuni, English - Griwuni Tumbler,


The city of Perm, the middle Urals. Bred at the beginning of the 19th century, highly volatile pigeon.

General impression

Medium-sized pigeon, with a strong body structure with a characteristic dark spot on the back of the neck, standing slightly raised.

Template: features of racialism

Head: Proportionally small, longitudinally oval, smooth.
Eyes: Dark, a little in front of the center of the head.
Brew: Narrow, bright.
Beak: The average length, light, clear wax wax, white powdered.
Neck: The average length, full coming out of the arms, quite strong.
Breast: Proportionally wide, slightly extended, rounded.
Back: Wide, tapering towards the tail, they fall slightly.
Wings: Well closed, covering the back, resting on the tail.
Tail: The average length, narrow, closed, extension of the back line.
The legs: Medium long, unfledged jumps, claws clear.
Plumage: Soft, smooth, well-fitting.

Kinds of colors:

Black, Red, yellow, blue.

Color and drawing:

The basic color is white, only on the back of the neck and a slightly overlapping colored mane (black, Red, yellow, blue), possibly symmetrical form, triangle, owal, diamond, trapezoid.

Big mistakes:

Small, weak, narrow body; narrow chest; tall on the legs; angular head; wide eyebrow; dark beak; large distemper; feathered legs, dark nails, irregular mane pattern; colored feathers in the tail.

Comments for the evaluation:

Building a figure - posture - color - drawing - head - beak - eyes - eyebrow – general look.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7

Edition 2001