Romanian pigeon

Romanian pigeon

Other names:

niemiecka - Romanian neck-necked stump, francuski - Bare neck from Romania, angielska – Romanian Naked Neck Tumbler,


Romania. Except for the baldness in the neck area, it is similar in type and color to the Bucharest Ciung subversive pigeon.

General impression:

Medium size, with relatively long feathering, the middle part of the neck is without feathers.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Moderately arched, not too narrow, smooth.
Eyes: Pearl, clear.
Brew: Thin, soft, the color depends on the color of the plumage, inconspicuous ( not bright).
Beak: The average length, slightly downward. Horn to dark color in reds, pale to pale horned in yellow. The waxwings are small.
Neck: The average length , slightly bent back. Center of the neck is not fluffed. If there is a short "bristle" – ( feather buds ), which grows periodically, dries up and falls out again – it should not be punished. Neck skin with wrinkles, flesh-colored to brown.
Breast: Medium width, slightly forward.
Back: The average length, slightly sloping.
Wings: Relatively long, shuttlecocks carried loosely under or near the tail.
Tail: Long, wide, flat, 14 –16 feathers, carried as horizontally as possible.
The legs: Less than medium length, rather short, unfledged.
Plumage: Normally feathered except in the middle of the neck. Relatively long feathers.

Kinds of colors:

Red, yellow.

Color and drawing:

Possibly saturated brown- red or saturated yellow, belly discolored,

ridge, light feathers and tail ( not blue-gray ). Red, a relatively yellow illustrated drawing on the first order ailerons is desirable.

Big mistakes:

Very thick and disproportionate body structure, high posture, beak too long, shaped feathers on the bald part of the neck, ailerons touching the ground, above the level of the raised tail, less than 14 feathers in the tail, very dull color, gray-blue feathers and tail

Comments for the evaluation:

Ogólne wrażenie – kształt ciała – szyja – ułożenie skrzydeł i ogona – postawa – barwa


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7

Edition 2001