Vienna Goose Pigeon

Vienna Goose Pigeon

Other names:

German - Wiener Gansel, francuski - Dominican vienna tumbler, angielska – Viennese Gansel Tumbler,



General impression:

The body is small, stocky, carried horizontally, cube-shaped head with a short beak.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Little, wide, short and tall, cube-shaped, angular forehead and back of the head, a small depression in the crown of the head is permissible.
Eyes: Large, dark, protruding.
Brew: Flat, three-row, strongly red, reaching the point of the beak, but cannot connect to it.
Beak: Possibly horizontally inserted, short, fat, wedge-shaped, wide at the base, smooth waxes. The upper and lower parts of the beak are tightly closed. Flesh color.
Neck: Short, strong coming out of the shoulders, tapers gently to the head.
Breast: Wide, rounded, forward.
Back: Short, broad shoulders, slightly sloping.
Wings: Short, strong, well closed, resting on the tail.
Tail: Short, slightly sloping flush with the back line.
The legs: Short, strong, unfledged, claws clear.
Plumage: Wide feathers, adhering well.

Kinds of colors :

Black, Red, yellow, blue, silver, blue – pea.

Color and drawing:

Color pure, intense, equal. A drawing of a goose, white head, at the front to the middle of the neck (bib), belly, back, wings, to the arms and thighs. The back of the neck is colored, lower front part of the neck, breast, arms with a heart on the back, tail and tail cover. White feathers in the wedge under the tail are allowed.

Big mistakes:

Too fat, too narrow body, bad posture, too tall on the legs, drooping wings, horse's neck, narrow, oblique forehead, long or round head, weak, slim, beak lowered down, overgrown protruding distemper, pale or yellow eyebrow, very short white bib, uneven colored drawing on the chest, spotted or mirrored tail.

Comments for the evaluation:

Head - beak - eyebrow – figure structure - drawing - color general appearance.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7

Edition 2001