Felegyhazer pigeon

Felegyhazer pigeon

Other names:

German - Felegyhazaer Tümmler, francuski - Tumbling of Felégyhaza, English - Felégyhaza Tumbler,


Hungary. The name is short for Kiskunfelegyhaza – a small town in the Hungarian Plain, where this breed was bred in the late 19th century.

General impression:

Medium large, stocky, almost horizontal posture, alive, however confident.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Rounded, forehead moderately broad, with profusion, a tall and wide crown, on both sides with rosettes.
Eyes: Dark in geese and white ones; in single-color pearlescent.
Brew: Narrow, pale to slightly red.
Beak: Medium long, strong at the base, at a dull angle in relation to the forehead, flesh color, waxes poorly developed, smooth.
Neck: Short, relatively thick, dewlap well cut.
Breast: Wide, well rounded, moved forward.
Back: Broad in the shoulders, they narrow towards the rear, slightly sloping.
Wings: Muscular, well-fitting, resting on the tail, not intersecting.
Tail: Compact, carried along the back line.
The legs: Short, unfledged, claws clear.
Plumage: Wide, profusely developed, well-fitting.

Kinds of colors :

Monochrome white, black, blue, red and yellow, about the drawing of a goose, black, blue, red and yellow.

Color and drawing:

All colors are pure and intense. In the case of ingots, the color is symmetrical and well-defined. White is to the inside of the head's crown, the front part of the neck all the way to the middle part of the goiter (bib), belly, back and wings except for the shoulder plumage.

They are colored – back side of the crown, on the back of the neck, the lower part of the neck at the front, breast, drawing of a heart on the back, tail with tail cover, a forehead above the forehead, prominent and set quite wide in the center of the forehead, about 1,5 cm wide stain creates a colorful parting on the head, but it does not reach the eyebrows of the eyes. Rectal care, wedge under the tail, intense color.

Big mistakes:

Thick or narrow, long body and head, high posture, long neck, wings, long beak, rarely feathered, with gaps and a low-set crown, large drawing errors, dull and unclean color.

Comments for the evaluation:

Structure of a figure - posture - head - crown - beak – eye color - drawing - color – general look.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7

Edition 2001