The Clean-eyed Pigeon

The Clean-eyed Pigeon

Other names:

German - Königsberger Reinauge, francuski - Koenigsberg tumbler with pure eye, angielska - Koenigsberg clean eye tumbler,


East and West Prussia, the breeders of Konigsberg and the breeders from the areas along the Vistula made a great contribution to the improvement of this breed. Formerly also called white-eyed or white-eyed in Poland.

General impression:

Pretty small, round-headed, short-beaked, short, low-standing, graceful pigeon.

Template: features of racialism.

Head: Round, wide, with wide, high forehead, without knocking your head out, smooth-headed or with a round crown.
Eyes: Purely pearly.
Brew: Flat, pale to pale pink.
Beak: Very short, fat, blunt, also the lower part of the beak at a blunt angle to the forehead, light flesh-colored, waxes well developed.
Neck: Slim, beautifully bent, prone to vibrations.
Breast: Wide, well rounded, moved forward.
Back: Short, as wide as possible in the shoulders.
Wings: Short, carried on the tail.
Tail: Short, closed.
The legs: Short, plain or in stockings, including fingers.
Plumage: As short as possible, however well developed.

Color and drawing:

Only white, the plumage on the neck shows a pearly sheen.

Big mistakes:

A knocked out forehead above the wax, narrow forehead, flat, long head, long thin beak, red veins in the eye, high standing, lowered wings, colorful feathers.

Comments for the evaluation :

Roundness and width of the head - beak – eye color – building a figure - posture – general look.


Group IX Volatile

Wedding ring number 7 (8)

Edition 2001