English Dove Dandelion

English Dove Dandelion Other names: niemiecka - English nun, francuski - Dutch Shell, English - Nun (English), Origin: In its present form, it developed in England. The progenitor probably came from Asia Minor in the 16th century. General impression: Medium size, wide chest, body proudly erect on short legs, around the head, a lush crown without rosettes, colorful… Continue reading English Dove Dandelion

American House Pigeon Volatile

American House Pigeon Volatile Other names: niemiecka – Domestic Show Flight, francuski – Domestic Show Flight, angielska – Domestic Show Flight, Origin: United States of America, in and around New York. General impression: Medium-sized pigeon, appearing stocky and squat with a slightly upright posture. It has a very distinctive head and beak.   Template: features of racialism. Head:… Continue reading American House Pigeon Volatile

Akkerman Pigeon

Akkerman Pigeon Origin: The breed comes from the city of Białogród on the Dniester (Biełogorod Dniestrowskij – formerly Akkerman) in southern Ukraine. It was established during the Turkish rule in southern Bessarabia. It belongs to short-beaked decorative pigeons. General impression: A fairly large pigeon, long, has rich, quite loose plumage with very long feathers and brakes, wings lowered below raised tail; head decorated… Continue reading Akkerman Pigeon

Agaran pigeon

Agaran pigeon Other names: German - Agarantaube, francuski - Agara tumbling, English - Agaran Pigeon, Origin: Turkmen race, belongs to the great family of Asian racing pigeons (flapping their wings and performing various complex aerial acrobatics) called beats. Agarana's ancestors come from Persia (now Iran ) and Afghanistan. There are no detailed data on the origin of the breed. The name of the agaran in… Continue reading Agaran pigeon

The pigeon of the Poznań Barwnogłówka

Gołąb Barwnogłówka Poznańska Other names: German - Posener Farbenkopf, French - Culbutant de Poznan, angielska – Posener Coloured Head Tumbler, Origin: Polish - bred in Poznań and nearby towns since the beginning of the 18th century, transformed into a short-beaked pigeon in the interwar period by breeders from Poznań. General impression: He is a pigeon slightly less than average size by quite… Continue reading The pigeon of the Poznań Barwnogłówka

Gołąb Barwnogłówka Królewiecka

Gołąb Barwnogłówka Królewiecka Other names: niemiecka - Königsberg color head, francuski - Colorful headed Koenigsberg tumbler, angielska – Koenigsberg Coloured Head Tumbler, Origin From the mid-18th century, mainly bred in Königsberg, as well as in other nearby towns. General impression Due to its abundant plumage it appears to be a medium-sized pigeon, with a round head, short-beaked, with a lot… Continue reading Gołąb Barwnogłówka Królewiecka

Astrakhan Volatile Pigeon

Astrakhan Pigeon, Volatile. Origin A very old breed of flying pigeons, shaped in the area of ​​the Volga region from Astrakhan to Jarosław. Closely related to the Volga lenters., Red-breasted Wołożański, Kamyszyński, Tsaritsyin and Uriupińskie. They belong to the solid pulsating pigeons. General impression The pigeons a bit more than medium-sized, with a convex breast, wings carried under a flat tail, with feathered legs, slightly pulsating neck.… Continue reading Astrakhan Volatile Pigeon

English Middle-billed Pigeon (Self)

English Middle-billed Pigeon (Self) Other names: niemiecka - English long-faced bottlenose dolphin smooth-footed, francuski - English long face smooth legged tumbler, angielska – English Long-Faced Tumbler clean legged, Origin: Anglia. General impression: Medium size, short, proudly erect, so that the eyes are vertical above the legs; large spherical head with an inserted beak and sparkling white eyes.… Continue reading English Middle-billed Pigeon (Self)

English Short-billed Pigeon

English Short-Billed Pigeon Other names: niemiecka - English Shortfaced Bottlenose Dolphin, francuski - English short face tumbler, angielska – English Short-Faced Tumbler, Origin: Anglia. General impression: With a very small figure build, standing low and upright, snappy, head slightly retracted, the torso forms a perpendicular line with the legs, he walks on the tips of his fingers in full action. Template: features of racialism… Continue reading English Short-billed Pigeon

Białogłówka Gumbińska pigeon

Gołąb Białogłówka Gumbińska Other names: Gąbińska Białogłówka, niemiecka - Gumbinner Weißkopf, francuski - Tumbling of Gumbinnen, angielska – Gumbinnen White-Head Tumbler, Origin: East Prussia. Bred in Pomerania and in the vicinity of Gumbin, crucified with flying pigeons and dumpers. General impression: Medium size, quite stout, beak of medium length, wide crown from ear to ear, finished with rosettes, disposition… Continue reading Białogłówka Gumbińska pigeon